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Victor-23 is a neighborhood craft brewery and pub that embraces the adventurous history of the Pacific Northwest. On a stormy evening in November 1971, a man known as D.B. Cooper hijacked a Boeing 727 flying from Portland to Seattle. In Seattle, D.B. released all the passengers once the plane was refueled and he was given 2 parachutes and $200,000 in cash. The plane soon departed and the pilot was directed to fly south on the Victor-23 airway. Somewhere in Southwest Washington, DB Cooper lowered the rear stairway and parachuted to an uncertain fate. Our brewery celebrates this unsolved crime and invites you to ponder the case over a cold pint of Skyjacker IPA, Flight 305 Amber, Jet Fuel Imperial IPA, or Schaffner Pilsner.


Bryan Ward, Owner

After 20 years running his own general contracting business, owner, Bryan Ward decided to sell his company and follow his passion for beer by starting his own brewery. As a pilot and aviation enthusiast, naming the brewery after the famous DB Cooper airway, Victor-23, was an easy choice.

Tom Torresdal Head Brewer

Tom started his brewing career in Norway in 2011 at a small brewery called Bjornstad Farm. Since then he has worked for Hermiston Brewing, Portland Brewing Company, and Wayfinder. Tom has learned the fundamentals of brewing from some of the best in the business and is excited to have the latitude to develop his own recipes and brew his own beers at Victor 23.


If you are interested in carrying our beers at your store, restaurant or pub and are located in Western Washington or Oregon, please contact our distributor.

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